All the Features Needed by Garden and Landscape Supply Retailers

GardenBiz POS is designed with the critical features that garden centers need

Management Dashboard with Key Metrics

GardenBiz POS allows you get a quick snapshot of your business.   At a glance, you can view key metrics such as total sales, average transaction size, sales by category, top selling items and sales by employee.  The dashboard can be filtered by date range, store and employee.

Garden Center Dashboard
  • Customer Facing Display

    Support of second monitors which can be used for a customer facing display of items being rung up.  The customer displays shows your logo and welcome message when idle. and the items and totals during a transaction.  You can also set-up standard messages displayed to the customer.

  • Store Credits & Gift Cards

    Issue, track and redeem gift cards in real-time across multiple store locations without using an outside payment processor. Use standard gift card stock purchased from any 3rd party vendor. Gift cards can be sold in fixed or variable amounts.  Store credits can be also issued and tracked by customer and store.

  • Quotes, Estimates and Invoices

    You have the ability to print full page quotes, estimates or invoices from the order record – depending on your need.  You can also choose whether to print order notes on the document.

  • Discounts and Promotions

    You may create a time-based special price or discount using % off, $ off or a sale price. Items can be discounted at the register, with the ability to assign a reason for the discount and track any discounts by employee. You can also bundle items and assign a grouped discount at the register. There are global and item level settings to limit or prevent discounts.

Other Standard POS Features in GardenBiz POS

Plant nurseries, lawn and garden centers, farm supply stores, feed stores have many similar needs for their retail management system. The best nursery and garden center POS systems are flexible and can manage a wide variety of products and work flows.  A plant nursery or garden center may sell plants, trees, flowers, sod, gardening supplies and more. Plant nurseries tend to grow a portion of their stock, while garden centers often distribute plants produced off-site or supplied by wholesale plant nurseries. Garden centers and farm supply stores also may sell pets and animals. The inventory management in the garden store POS system must be able to adjust stock levels easily when plants or trees die or are damaged.

GardenBiz POS includes the following standard features and functionality needed to manage landscape supply and garden center stores:


  • Register Quick Pick Keys
  • Bar code label scanning
  • Store Credits
  • Gift Cards (multi-store)
  • Customizable Receipts
  • Custom Tenders
  • Print or Email Receipts
  • Customer Sales History Look-up (from front register)
  • Register Close/End of Day Reports
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Advanced Filterable Product Search
  • Transaction Holds/Recalls
  • Returns and Voids
  • Split Tenders
  • Assign Salesperson to Transaction
  • Item and Transaction Discount
  • Stock-level Look-up (multi-store
  • Editable Item Descriptions on Receipt

Catalog Management

  • Customer-based Pricing/Product Pricing Levels (for classes such as professional landscapers)
  • Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Product Tax Classes (multiple)
  • Quantity-based Tiered Pricing (buy x for y)
  • Time-based promo pricing (to put items on sale)
  • Alternate Product IDs
  • Auto SKU number generator
  • Matrix Products with Size/Quality/Other Variants
  • Product images (and images can be imported in bulk)
  • Fractional Sale Quantities (weight/time/length)
  • Print Barcode Price Labels

Multi-store Inventory Management

  • CSV File Import of Products & Inventory
  • Inventory Adjustment Audit Records
  • Purchase Orders/Vendor Shipments
  • Minimum Inventory Reorder Points


  • Multiple Shipping/Billing Addresses
  • Customer Tax Classes/Tax Exempt
  • Credit Accounts/Charge to Account
  • Accounts Receivable Statements
  • Import Customers via CSV File Import


  • Pick-up, Shipping, Delivery Dashboard
  • Repairs/Service Dept Management
  • Quotes/Estimates/Invoices
  • Management of Customer Items for Repair
  • Deposit Collection and Refunds
  • Tax Calculation based on Ship Addres
  • Phone Orders/Layaways
  • Special Orders (sale of out of stock or items from vendor catalog)
  • Backorder Creation and Filling

Store Management

  • Store Transfers (document transfer of items between locations)
  • Enforceable Business Rules on Discounts & Returns (such as minimum deposit requirements)
  • Employee Roles and Permissions
  • Support of Contactless Payments
  • PCI/PA-DS Compliant Payments
  • Flexible and Filterable Reports
  • Minimum Deposit Requirements


  • WooCommerce Integration*
  • QuickBooks Online Integration*

* Coming soon

See GardenBiz POS in action

Online one-on-one demos are a great way to ask questions about your unique needs and work flows to see if GardenBiz will be able to meet these needs.

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